Everything You Need to Know About North Cyprus

Important Things About North Cyprus

About North Cyprus:

Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia, the island of Cyprus boasts a rich history shaped by various civilizations. North Cyprus, officially known as the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC), is a region with a fascinating blend of ancient roots and modern developments. In this blog post, we’ll explore the historical tapestry, safety, health services, economy, and vibrant culture that define North Cyprus. Whether you’re a potential investor or a curious traveler, North Cyprus has much to offer.

History of North Cyrpus:

North Cyprus traces its history back to the Neolithic period, showcasing remnants dating back to 9000 BC. Over the centuries, it has been ruled by the Assyrians, Egyptians, Romans, Ottomans, and more. The division between North and South Cyprus stems from the British colonial rule, and since 1974, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has operated independently from the south.

Safety and Security of North Cyprus:

North Cyprus stands out as one of the safest places globally, with a crime rate lower than the world average. The safety index, rated at 3.50 points, reflects the region’s commitment to a secure and peaceful environment. A robust police force and a civilized society contribute to the overall sense of safety.

Health Services of North Cyprus:

The TRNC boasts a highly developed health system with centers serving all districts. Affordable prices, advanced equipment, and skilled health workers ensure quality care. Emergency services operate 24/7, and pharmacies, ambulance points, and public and private hospitals are widespread.

Economic Landscape of North Cyprus:

North Cyprus has a diverse economy, with a focus on the service sector, including public services, trade, education, and tourism. Tourism and education play vital roles, contributing significantly to the region’s economic growth. The strategic location, developed infrastructure, and various investment incentives make it an attractive destination for both local and foreign investors.

Cultural Riches of North Cyprus:

Enriched by its historical influences, North Cyprus boasts a culturally diverse environment. Turkish culture predominates, with strong ties to Turkey and a population that is over 99% Turkish. Traditional dances, music, theatre, literature, and arts contribute to the unique cultural tapestry. Festivals held throughout the year showcase the vibrancy of North Cyprus’s cultural scene.

Key Cities of North Cyprus:

  • Famagusta: A city rich in history, culture, and education, Famagusta has become a hub for tourism and university education, making it a significant center in North Cyprus.
  • Kyrenia (Girne): Noted for its historic harbor and castle, Kyrenia serves as a cultural and economic center, often referred to as the tourism capital of North Cyprus.
  • Iskele: Located on the southeast coastal area, Iskele is a rapidly growing city known for its authenticity and accommodation of tourism. Considered one of the best investment areas, it offers a promising future for those looking to invest in North Cyprus.


From its rich historical tapestry to the safety, health services, economy, and vibrant culture, Northern Cyprus emerges as a captivating destination. Whether you’re interested in exploring its ancient ruins, investing in its growing economy, or immersing yourself in its diverse culture, Northern Cyprus has something for everyone. Explore the beauty, history, and opportunities that await on this Mediterranean gem.

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