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It is a personal and one-of-a-kind experience to purchase, invest in, or rent the ideal residence. Numerous people ask Cihanara to find apartments and villas to buy, rent out, and resell. Let us show you how

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Cihanara is the largest property directory in North Cyprus, which provides the best and safest source for real estate investment in North Cyprus. Our team offers you professional consultation for every step of your investment. Our team offers you professional consultation for every step of your investment. In the past few years, Cihanara has built a solid reputation in national and international communities as a highly efficient and professional company. Additionally, to ensure that you make a safe and profitable investment with us, we provide easy methods and best-guaranteed prices.

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Widest Range Of Properties For Sale Across North Cyprus

One of our objectives is to cover the entire island and keep our properties current. This will provide our clients with a wide choice of possibilities.

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Insurance And Guaranty

In the event of unacceptable contractor behavior, our clients are insured up to €200,000.

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You will always have our full support, and we will be there for you from the moment you decide to purchase a property.

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Begin your journey towards an extraordinary future, in a home that reflects your style and responds to your needs. Each house we offer is a step towards the realization of your dreams. Don’t wait, start your search now!

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Selected houses in the heart of Kyrenia, your new home awaits you.

Experience the history and culture of Famagusta. Your ideal home awaits you here.

Nicosia is calling you. Find your ideal home in this historic city.

Discover the beauty of the city of Iskele. Your future home awaits you here.

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Our real estate agency has a range of luxury and exclusive properties that are perfect for international clients.

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