Ways to Get Residency in North Cyprus in 2023

North Cyprus, a picturesque country in the eastern Mediterranean, boasts a rich cultural heritage, a captivating history, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Many individuals are keen on securing residency in this charming nation, and there exist various methods to accomplish this objective. In this article, we will delve into these methods in detail, while emphasizing why purchasing property can be the most optimal pathway to attain residency in North Cyprus. It’s important to note that North Cyprus does not offer citizenship to foreign nationals, and therefore, permanent residency is the primary status attainable through the methods outlined below.


همه چیز درباره محبوب‌ترین منطقه قبرس‌شمالی ایسکله

Ways to Get Residency in North Cyprus in 2023:

Residence through marriage:

If you are married to a Northern Cypriot citizen, you can apply for residence after three years of continuous residency in the country. You will need to provide documentation proving your marriage and residency.

Residence through Cypriot mother or father:

If you have at least one parent who is a Northern Cypriot citizen, you may be eligible for residence by descent. You will need to provide documentation proving your parent’s residence and your relationship to them.

Residence through employment:

If you have worked in North Cyprus for at least seven years and maintain a clean criminal record, you may be eligible for residence through employment. You will need to provide documentation proving your employment and residency.

Residence through the purchase of property in North Cyprus: An Easy and Safe Way:

Buying property in North Cyprus is one of the best ways to obtain residency. The government offers incentives for foreign buyers, including a streamlined application process, affordable real estate prices, and low living costs. Unlike other countries, there is no minimum property value requirement for obtaining permanent residency. This has led to a significant increase in the demand for property in Northern Cyprus, making it accessible for many foreigners. Temporary residence can also be obtained through property purchase in installments, with the possibility of transitioning to permanent residency over time.

What type of properties would you like to buy in North Cyprus?

Business Ownership

Owning a business in North Cyprus can qualify you for permanent residency if your business contributes to the country’s economic development.

Study in North Cyprus:

Enrolling in an accredited educational institution in North Cyprus can lead to student residency, which may eventually transition to permanent residency upon graduation.

Get residency in North Cyprus is now more accessible and attractive than ever. The country’s welcoming policies, diverse options, and natural beauty make it an appealing destination for those seeking a new place to call home.

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