Migrating to North Cyprus Through Property Purchase

Are you seeking a beautiful, tranquil location with a delightful climate to call home? North Cyprus, the gem of the Mediterranean, could be your ideal choice. This region, with its pristine beaches, lush greenery, rich culture, and affordable living costs, has become an attractive destination for immigrants, particularly Iranians.

One of the simplest and most secure ways to migrate to North Cyprus is through property purchase. By investing in property in this region, you can enjoy numerous benefits, including obtaining residency, gaining citizenship perks, making profitable investments, and relishing the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Advantages of Buying Property in North Cyprus:

Obtain Residency: By purchasing a property worth at least £70,000, you can obtain North Cyprus permanent residency. This type of residency allows you to live, work, and study in the country indefinitely.

Profitable Investment: North Cyprus, due to its geographical location and tourism potential, boasts a thriving real estate market. Purchasing property in this region can be a safe and lucrative investment for you.

Affordable Costs: Living expenses in North Cyprus are significantly lower compared to other European and Mediterranean countries. This makes the country an ideal destination for immigrants with varying budgets.

Ideal Lifestyle: North Cyprus, with its mild climate, stunning beaches, verdant nature, and warm-hearted people, is an excellent place to live and enjoy tranquility.

Buying Property in North Cyprus: Cash or Installments

You can purchase property in North Cyprus in two ways: cash or installments.

Cash Purchase: In this method, you pay the entire property amount upfront. This method offers its own advantages, such as securing greater discounts from the seller and expediting the residency acquisition process.

Installment Purchase: In this method, you pay a portion of the property’s value as a down payment and settle the remaining amount in installments agreed upon with the seller. Installment purchasing allows you to own property in North Cyprus with smaller payments.

you can get temporary residence by buying property in installments.

First, 30-40% of the total contract amount must be paid. As a result, you can register your residence request only by referring to the contract you have written with the construction company.

Important Considerations When Buying Property in North Cyprus:

Choose a Reputable Real Estate Agent: Collaborating with a trusted and experienced real estate agent in North Cyprus is the first step towards a secure property purchase.

Examine Documents Thoroughly: Before purchasing a property, carefully review all related documents and paperwork.

Inspect the Property: If possible, make sure to visit and inspect the property before buying.

Consult a Lawyer: For peace of mind and to ensure the validity of the transaction, consult a qualified lawyer.

Make Your North Cyprus Dream a Reality with Us:

At  Cihanara, with years of experience in immigration and investment in North Cyprus, we are here to assist you in finding the perfect property that suits your needs and budget. We will guide you through the entire process with confidence and ensure a smooth and secure property purchase in North Cyprus.

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