Why North Cyprus is Your Ideal Destination for Property Investment

Why North Cyprus is Your Ideal Destination for Property Investment-jihanara

Discover the enigmatic beauty of North Cyprus, the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, steeped in history with stone-age structures dating back over 7,000 years BC. Known as the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, this captivating destination boasts a mild climate, sandy beaches along the azure Mediterranean, and historic monuments that make it a sought-after global tourist haven.

Investing in North Cyprus Real Estate – A Wise Choice:

Consider the advantages of investing in property in North Cyprus, where transactions are conducted in British pounds, historically renowned for their high value. This provides a unique opportunity to safeguard capital against inflation and witness appreciable growth over time.

Reasons to Choose North Cyprus for Property Investment:

Security in North Cyprus:

  • Ranked among the top five safest nations globally.
  • Enjoy the freedom to explore the city’s alleys and backstreets until late at night.

Prosperous and Growing Economy in North Cyprus:

  • Embracing a free-market system, with tourism and real estate driving substantial economic growth.
  • Annual real estate price growth reported between 8 and 16 percent, contributing significantly to the local economy.

Educational and Healthcare Facilities in North Cyprus:

  • High-standard, English-language education in international schools and globally recognized universities.
  • Focused attention on students’ talents and interests.
  • Healthcare system adheres to high standards, offering free or cost-effective medical services.One significant advantage of North Cyprus schools is their focused attention on the talents and interests of students, nurturing and developing their abilities.

Very Affordable Real Estate Prices in North Cyprus:

  • Geographical advantages result in significantly lower property prices compared to neighboring countries.
  • Coastal property prices starting from £60,000, offering affordable housing options.
  • Luxurious apartments and penthouses with excellent conditions sold at reasonable prices.

Very Low Taxes in North Cyprus:

  • Property acquisition taxes are low, offering a favorable financial environment.
  • Stamp duty and contract registration costs are modest, ensuring a cost-effective property transaction.

Convenient and Long-Term Payment Conditions in North Cyprus:

  • Flexible payment options, including installment plans without interest or long-term plans with low banking interest rates.
  • No collateral required for these convenient payment plans.
Why North Cyprus is Your Ideal Destination for Property Investment-jihanara

Entry to North Cyprus Without Obtaining a Visa:

  • Easy entry with just a valid passport.
  • Tourist visas available upon arrival, allowing for a stay ranging from 30 to 90 days.

No Requirement for Permanent Presence in North Cyprus:

  • Residence permits are not contingent on permanent residency.
  • Property buyers can enter or leave North Cyprus at their convenience.

Easy Residence Permit in North Cyprus:

If you decide to purchase property in North Cyprus and become a homeowner, you can obtain your residence permit for yourself and your family in the shortest possible time. All the steps and administrative matters related to obtaining a residence permit are handled by Jihanara Company in the quickest possible timeframe.

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