What is the situation of healthcare in North Cyprus?

Acquiring the residency via investment in North Cyprus is getting more and more popular for many people all over the world. The economic development of North Cyprus has made it very suitable for investment, settlement and education. Safety, rising economy, affordable education and the cost of living compared to other countries have made North Cyprus an attractive destination for migration in recent years. The healthcare system in a country is one of the important infrastructures that every person should be informed about before choosing a destination for residence. This article is about the healthcare system of North Cyprus.

Hospitals are the most important medical centers in a country. North Cyprus is equipped with three state hospitals and numerous private facilities. The hospital regulations in north Cyprus follow the British paramedic standards.
for all those who are residing in this country for any reason, the North Cyprus 112 ambulance service, and medical emergencies, will be free.

Although North Cyprus is majorly a Turkish-speaking country, most of its inhabitants are fluent in English. In state and hospitals English is widely spoken and all staff is fully trained in their line of work.
The healthcare is the publicly-funded sector in Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. All public hospitals are funded by the government and all residents are insured. Some immigrants living and working in North Cyprus do not have health insurance because health care is affordable anyway.


Public Hospitals

There are public hospitals and medical facilities available in every city within North Cyprus. There are many beds for intensive care as well as specialized facilities for surgery, maternity, laboratory, etc. in North Cyprus. You should know that the level of public hospitals in this country is high compared to other countries, and almost all doctors work in both public and private hospitals.
One of the great advantages of public hospitals is that most of them provide 24-hour emergency services and, if necessary, have a private ambulance to transport patients at any time of the day or night.



North Cyprus pharmacies are mainly private and staffed by trained personnel who know English.


Insurance and medical card of North Cyprus

Many insurance companies in North Cyprus offer health insurance. Health insurance is available directly from huge worldwide corporations such as BUPA. Citizens can apply to the Ministry of Health and request a medical card. This card is used to cover medical expenses at public hospitals and health centers, and those who have it can receive free hospital and medical services, as well as some surgeries. To be eligible for medical and health treatments, non-citizens of North Cyprus must submit Form 121 and other documentation to the local health clinic.

In general, North Cyprus medical cards are classified into two types:

  • Pink card: allows free access to all medical services.
    Blue card: to receive semi-government medical services.
  • It should be noted that dental services are also included in this topic, however beauty services are not included and must be paid for separately.

The North Cyprus government intends to make health insurance mandatory in the country, and the implementation of this plan will improve medical facilities and services in the country.
If you entered the nation on a tourist visa, you must utilize the travel insurance you purchased. The university determines student health insurance coverage, with the university covering 60% of the cost and the student covering 40%.


Near East University Hospital

picture of the complex mentioned by the website page

Near East University Hospital is the largest and one of the most prestigious medical facilities in North Nicosia, Cyprus. It is well-known across the world for providing cutting-edge services in the fields of cardiovascular surgery, gastroenterology, oncology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, pediatrics, radiography, dermatology, and ophthalmology.

Phone: +90 392 444 05 35

Dr. Burhan Nalbantoglu

This hospital has 152 doctors, more than 400 nurses and nearly 500 healthcare staff, it is the largest public hospital in North Cyprus. It has a full range of specialized facilities including cancer and diabetes centers.

Phone: +90 392 223 24 41


AKÇİÇEK state Hospital

AKÇİÇEK state Hospital with 56-bed is located close to the centre of Kyrenia going out towards Karakum and was opened in 1996. It’s Upgraded in 2000, it includes emergency, polyclinic and administrative departments. Now it has 23 doctors, 45 nurses, 36 civil servants and 28 workers. Clinics include: internal medicine, physical therapy, chest diseases, cardiology, neurology and radiology.

Famagusta State Hospital

Famagusta hospital is very modern with “smart building”. it is run to European Union standards with operating rooms, X-rays, laboratories, offering a wide range of specialties and services, in addition to the 24-hour emergency department.

Telephone: +90 392 630 8900-29


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