North Cyprus Healthcare: Tourist & Resident Guide

North Cyprus Healthcare: Tourist & Resident Guide

North Cyprus, a land of captivating beauty and rich heritage, also boasts a surprisingly well-developed healthcare system. Whether you’re a tourist on a short visit or an expat considering a longer stay, navigating healthcare in North Cyprus is important. This guide explores the different options available, costs to consider, and helpful tips for a smooth experience.

healthcare system in North Cyprus

Public Healthcare: Funded by social security contributions, this system caters primarily to residents with TRNC health insurance. It offers subsidized treatment at state hospitals and clinics.

Private Healthcare: Private hospitals and clinics provide a wider range of services, often with state-of-the-art facilities and shorter wait times. These services are generally fee-for-service, although private health insurance plans can help manage costs.

North Cyprus Healthcare: Tourist & Resident Guide
North Cyprus Healthcare: Tourist & Resident Guide

Healthcare for Tourist in North Cyprus:

  • Peace of Mind with Travel Insurance: Having comprehensive travel insurance is crucial for tourists. Public emergency care is free, but private treatment and hospitalization can be expensive.
  • Minor Issues: Pharmacies are readily available throughout North Cyprus, and most medications are accessible. Bring a copy of your prescription from home if you rely on specific medications.
  • Emergencies: Public emergency departments offer free care for everyone, regardless of residency status.
  • Language: While English is spoken in some hospitals, especially tourist areas, having basic Turkish or a translator can be helpful.

Healthcare for Resident in North Cyprus:

  • TRNC Health Insurance: If you plan a long-term stay, register with the Social Security Department for TRNC health insurance. This grants access to the public healthcare system, including registration with a local General Practitioner (GP) for referrals and subsidized treatment.
  • Finding Your GP: Choose a local GP for checkups, prescriptions, and specialist referrals within the public system. Appointments with specialists can have waiting times, so plan in advance.
  • Private Options: Consider private healthcare for situations where speed or specific services are important. Many private hospitals have English-speaking staff, making communication easier.

Cost of treatment in North Cyprus:

  • Public Healthcare: Costs are generally low for residents with TRNC health insurance. However, co-payments for some medications or services may apply.
  • Private Healthcare: Costs can vary depending on the service, hospital, or clinic.

Focusing on Specific Considerations:

  • Vaccinations: Ensure you have all recommended vaccinations before traveling to North Cyprus.
  • Finding Hospitals and Clinics: Online directories list healthcare providers, allowing you to compare services and locations. Expat communities and travel forums can offer valuable recommendations.

North Cyprus caters to both tourists and residents with its two-tiered healthcare system. By understanding the options and potential costs, you can make informed decisions about your healthcare needs. With a mix of public and private options, North Cyprus offers quality care for a relaxing vacation or a comfortable residency.

Pharmacies In North Cyprus:

North Cyprus pharmacies are mainly private and staffed by trained personnel who know English.

Insurance and medical card of North Cyprus:

Many insurance companies in North Cyprus offer health insurance. Health insurance is available directly from huge worldwide corporations such as BUPA. Citizens can apply to the Ministry of Health and request a medical card. This card is used to cover medical expenses at public hospitals and health centers, and those who have it can receive free hospital and medical services, as well as some surgeries. To be eligible for medical and health treatments, non-citizens of North Cyprus must submit Form 121 and other documentation to the local health clinic.

In general, North Cyprus medical cards are classified into two types:

  • Pink card: allows free access to all medical services.
  • Blue card: to receive semi-government medical services.

It should be noted that dental services are also included in this topic, however beauty services are not included and must be paid for separately.

The North Cyprus government intends to make health insurance mandatory in the country, and the implementation of this plan will improve medical facilities and services in the country.
If you entered the nation on a tourist visa, you must utilize the travel insurance you purchased. The university determines student health insurance coverage, with the university covering 60% of the cost and the student covering 40%.

State hospitals in North Cyprus

Kyrenia General Hospital
Address: Mustafa Çağatay Street No:68, Kyrenia Phone: +90 392 8152266
There are two types of Hospitals in North Cyprus: state hospitals and private hospitals. In North Cyprus, state hospitals are mostly used by Turkish Cypriots and residents of North Cyprus who subscribe to the TRNC Health Insurance Program. All ambulances and emergency services at state hospitals are provided to non-residents for free. Visitors and residents of TRNC can use private hospitals on a fee basis. The fees are very reasonable in comparison with those in Western Europe, North America and the UK. For non-emergency treatment, many long-stay visitors and expat residents choose private clinics and hospitals. The standard of health system in North Cyprus is very high and affordable. The emergency number for ambulance service is 112. In this article we will list some of hospitals in North Cyprus. Please call the hospital or 112 for any health treatments, Cyprus Constructions does not provide any information about health care. Table of contents State hospitals in North Cyprus Private hospitals in North Cyprus – Nicosia Private hospitals in North Cyprus – Kyrenia Private hospitals in North Cyprus – Famagusta Disclaimer State hospitals in North Cyprus Kyrenia General Hospital (Dr. Akcicek Devlet Hastanesi) Kyrenia General Hospital Address: Mustafa Çağatay Street No:68, Kyrenia Email: Website: Phone: +90 392 8152266 Location: Nicosia General Hospital (Dr. Burhan Nalbantoglu Devlet Hastanesi) Dr.Burhan-Nalbantoğlu-Devlet-Hastanesi Address: Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu Street, Nicosia Email: Website: Phone: +90 392 228 5441 / +90 392 608 5441 Location: Famagusta General Hospital
Famagusta General Hospital
Address: Famagusta State Hospital Salamis Road, Famagusta Phone: +90 392 630 8900-29
Lefke State Hospital
Lefke State Hospital
Address: Ecevit Street, Yesilyurt Phone: +90 392 8152266

Private Hospital in North cyprus

Medical Port Hospital-jihanara
Medical Port Hospital
Address: No. 70, Kurtulus Street, Bellapais Yolu, Kyrenia Phone: +90 (392) 8150800-01-03-04-05
University of Kyrenia Hospital
University of Kyrenia Hospital
Address: Şehit Yahya Bakır Street, Karakum, Kyrenia Phone: +90 392 444 99 39
Kamiloglu Hospital
Kamiloglu Hospital
Address: No:4, Isil Street, Kyrenia Phone: +90 392 815 1498
Özel Baskent Hospital
Özel Baskent Hospital
Address: Yavuz Konnolu Street, north Nicosia Phone: +90 392 223 66 95
Cyprus Life Hospital
Address: Ragıp Kenan Sokak No:8 – Taşkınköy Nicosia Phone: +90 392 225 55 70
Kamiloglu Hospital
Kolan British Hospital
Address: Ataturk Street No:13 (Old Kyrenia Road), Gonyeli, north Nicosia Phone: +90 392 680 80 80
Near East University Hospital
Near East University Hospital
Address: Near East University Hospital, Yakın Doğu Boulevard, Lefkoşa Phone: +90 392 444 0 535
Magusa Tip Merkezi Hospital
Address: Esref Bitlis Street, Famagusta Phone: +90 392 366 5085
Famagusta Life Hospital
Address: No:23, Gazi Mustafa Kemal blvd, Famagusta Phone: +90 3924441133

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