December 2022

A view of Nicosia. Cyprus

Everything About Beautiful Nicosia

Nicosia District is one of the six districts of Cyprus (Turkish: Lefkoşa).Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus in the heart of the island. It is the only non-coastal major city in Cyprus. The city of Nicosia is one of the economic centers of Cyprus, so in 2012 it was the fifth richest city in the world in terms of purchasing power. Nicosia’s main industry is silk weaving. Above all, Nicosia District is...

Everything About Beautiful Iskele

Iskele, (Yeni Iskele or Trikomo), is on the south east coastal area of North Cyprus. It is also an important tourist centre. The people are hospitable, very interested in culture and art activities.Spectacular attractions of the city:In the municipal park of Iskele, locals and tourists stay up until the break of dawn singing live music. It is also famous for its annual festival.There are two churches...

Everything About Beautiful Kyrenia-jihanara

Everything About Beautiful Kyrenia

Kyrenia District is one of the six districts of Cyprus. Its main town is Kyrenia (Turkish: Girne).Kyrenia district is bordered on the south by Nicosia district and on the east and south-east by Famagusta district. It is most famous for its tranquil harbor with dozens of boats. The Kyrenia Mountains, with the prominent castles of St. Hilarion and Buffavento and the vivid green color, spread across the...

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