Hayat Haleed

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  • Specialties: Property valuation, Risk-free investment, Public relations

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  • 50% Apartment
  • 50% Bungalow

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  • 100% For Sale

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  • 100% Kyrenia

About Hayat Haleed

I am a vibrant and positive individual. I spent most of my childhood in a boarding school. This unique experience allowed me to meet people from all over my country, broadening my horizons and shaping my perspective on life. My friends often describe me as talkative, positive, and accommodating – qualities that have helped me forge strong connections with others.

Growing up in my country was an adventure filled with unforgettable memories. Boarding school taught me how to adapt to new environments and appreciate the diversity of cultures and backgrounds. It also instilled in me the importance of peace, harmony, and respect – values that I continue to live by today.

As I reflect on my accomplishments thus far, I feel immense gratitude for being alive and healthy. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and I consider it a great achievement to have navigated through these challenges while maintaining a positive outlook. In the future, I hope to make the world a better place and become an excellent philanthropist, dedicating my time and resources to helping those in need.

One thing I wish people understood is that everything is perfect until someone gives it a bad name. Our perception of situations and events can significantly impact our experiences, so approaching life with a positive mindset can make all the difference. By choosing to see the good in every situation, we can create a more harmonious and peaceful existence for ourselves and those around us.

In my free time, I enjoy playing games, reading history, and hanging out with people. These activities not only provide me with relaxation and entertainment but also help me learn about different perspectives and ideas. History, in particular, has always fascinated me, as it offers valuable insights into human nature and the patterns that shape our world.

If I could time travel to the future and share some wisdom with future generations, I would tell them that the things we are doing now are the only things we know. As humans, we are constantly learning and evolving, so it’s essential to remain open-minded and adaptable. By embracing change and being willing to learn from our mistakes, we can continue to grow and create a better future for ourselves and the generations that follow.

In conclusion, my life has been shaped by diverse experiences and encounters with people from all walks of life. I am proud of who I am today – a talkative, positive, and accommodating individual who values peace, harmony, and respect above all else. As I look towards the future, I hope to make a meaningful impact on the world as an excellent philanthropist. I also hope to continue to embrace life’s lessons. And if there’s one piece of advice I want to share with others, it is this: approach every situation with a positive mindset. For everything is perfect until someone gives it a bad name.


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